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New Website (BETA) Released- Check THIS OUT!!  


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There are 140 more Warriors to add. Thanks for your patience. Please consider donating, we are in a critical state for shipping, all shipping has STOPPED until we can find support. Please know all donations matter, any amount. We have begun to use our life-savings because it's worth it; we could really use anything you can spare. We've also found MASKS to add to our Warrior's Giftbox, it's amazing how many people want to help- we just don't have enough people that know about us. 

This website WILL HELP!! 

Thank you for all your help, support, caring, and sharing; we will get through this, I promise. 



Our Mission; To Convince Warriors they are Warriors 

I am working on a new website and going back to my roots as the EVP, Director of Operations, and Vice President for more than 23 years in the debt-collections world. I remember the days of structuring 200+ employee offices, creating control over ambitious owners, and creating rules that became the beginning stages of profitable, thriving offices. The new website is amazing with "Warrior Profiles" that allow you to click on a Warrior and read their entire story, see all the posts, and see their artwork come to life. I will let you know when it's done but there are over 1000 images and 214 Warriors to upload; it'll be a few days. 

The Mission: To convince Warriors they are Warriors; they don't know they have powerful influence in their story. Whether it's a child with cancer, or a mom with a traumatic brain injury, their day-to-day challenges and decisions are powered through like champions. The respect for life I didn't have before this project drives me to give these stories to you, life is precious and it can change in the drop of a dime; I am forever influenced by their strength. 

Here's a MISSION for you; Have a conversation with yourself tonight, one that says, "Hi, How are you? How are you with this mess of a world? Are you taking enough time for yourself lately? and then ask a big question.."What's your mission?" 

A personal mission can be to learn yoga, to start a blog, or podcast, or to organize your garage. 

A spiritual mission can be to learn techniques to forgive the past, conquer fears, or to be happier with your body

A mental mission can be to stop thinking negatively, stop worrying, or to stop dwelling in the past 

Jaclyn Johnston and I are starting a collaboration about 'The Keys to Being Free" (Free, as in without fear) reply to this email with 'count me in' and we will send you this 5-day workshop with training! It'll be life-changing, it'll be fun, and it'll be good for you. I know, I caught myself in a depression over this virus, worrying about the silliest things and then I remembered how I can use my time worrying to instead create art, to write, and to heal others. 

Give it a chance, you never know what good will come out of it. Besides, what else do you have to do better than creating a better self-happiness? 

Cannot wait to see who wants to be a part of our min i-workshop! 




Accepting new heroes for the Warpaint Project; are you our hero?  

Margot Robbie, The Rock, Rusted Cuff, Jaclyn Johnson, Joe Fornear, Tarrah Warrren, Timothy Shewmake.....they are heroes. What did they give? Their time. 

At this critical time in mankind, we must show the world that we do not stop caring for others just because our own realities are 'complicated'. By stopping what we do, we submit to fear; that is NOT a "Warrior Way". Do they stop living because of their diagnosis? DO they stop loving life, living life, laughing outloud beacuse they're worried, or afraid; nor shall we. 

Email me, call me, message me, tweet me; do something special with us; thank you to 'The Rock's" team with their video message; we are all so proud you helped us with this. This video, a moment our Warrior, Naomi, will never forget. Who else would like to be a Warrior Hero? Let me know; quickly, 




The Rock answers to The Warpaint Project plea for Naomi-  

I wrote an email to The Rock.. I am not the story; Naomi deserved their attention, she is their fan, she chose them and they needed to choose her in return. She was invited to this event by The Rock's team, ringside seats, backstage passes, the whole Warrior work's and was unable to go. 

They answered that email, changed her life; I love this project! And I love that child.

@therock answers The Warpaint Project's Email to gift Naomi, 8yr old Warrior of stage 4 brain cancer with a gift    See this Instagram video by @wwenxt

We Love you Naomi, and would do anything so that you remember you are in inspiration to all the Warpaint Project Family and Community. Thank you for being you, kiddo; this is your Warrior moment/. 

All our love

Aubre' and Joe 

@warpaintaubre  @pourhousejoe

"Giving Artork (and wishes) to Warriors of Cancer & Life"

Painting Mural - 21 Paintings Ready to Ship- Can you help?  

Aubre Michelle Murphy 


21 Paintings need to be shipped; the stories are unbelievable and so important for you to know about. I have 5 that no one can see until our Warriors see them first. Will you please share and also consider helping with shipping? It would be my honor to include your name on the back of the painting, listed with over 100 others who have donated this last year; thank you for all your support; this is what it's all about; this photo, our Warriors of Cancer, our kiddos with DIPG, we need to ship and need all the help we can find. 

If you would like your donation to be instantly available; please visit 

Thank you so much for sharing and so much for your love! 

The WarPaint Project: Custom Artwork For Warriors of Life 
Pour-House Art by JMStone

Mikeal's Freedom Painting Reveal (Sneek Peek)  

Inika Buie last sneek peek before shipping your painting. The day your daughter passed, you knew it would happen. Two hours before 4:13pm you would send me a painting request of a woman holding a crown, titled 'Freedom' saying this painting would be perfect because it's what your baby deserves. DIPG scares me so much that anyone suffering from it and because of your daughter is instantly moved to the top of our priorities for paintings. 

I'm sorry she couldn't see her painting in person, while painting this I asked her to sit with me, Guardian Angel over your gift. In place of the painting you sent me, a family of butterflies come from her hand, a crown in her other, she's walking through the high water she treaded in for a year, summoned from God to no longer have to drown. I hope this painting reminds you she's home, she's safe, she's found her Freedom. 

You're a Warrior Mom, who raised your baby to handle her cancer with grace, with beautiful strength. Her soul, borrowed, is returned to wait for you. I'll be here for anything you need, please just call on me. Thank you for allowing me to paint for you... It's an honor. 

🦋 Aubre and Joe  

[Olean Times Herald] WarPaint makes Headlines asking for Help


We made in the news, again, what a blessing it is; to have what we are doing acknowledged is really amazing. We hope our article touches the hearts of Warriors who need this gift and supporters who will donate so we may continue this unique honor. 

thank you so much for all your love!

Painting Reveal- Austin, Warrior of his Sister's Cancer-  

Austin and Savanah were best friends, brother and sister, and inseparable; then she was diagnosed with Childhood Cancer and fought as hard as she could. When she passed away Austin was devastated as any 5 year old would be. He is now home-schooled and described as 'lost and angry'; I feel for him! Not only did he lose his sister but they enjoyed daily life together, so he also lost his friend. ]]

What I've learned in this project is everyone in a family with a Warrior, becomes a Warrior. Parents and especially siblings. Our hopes are Austin being recognized as a Warrior, with all the gifts a Warrior receives. lets him kow he is NOT alone and he is just as brave with his own fight to win. 

Mom, Shannon  and I, will be friends for life. She is often found encouraging other moms and speaking out against the funding problems that exist in Childhood Cancer research. I am so proud to know you both and will be here for you forever. 

Thank you for including Austin into the Warpaint Project, we are able to address a very serious unknown about Cancer and it's devastating after-math. We hope your painting 'Brother Sister; Always with you' brings a huge hug and happy memories to your family every time you pass it by. 

All our love and all the best, talk to you later! 

Aubre' And Joe 


Painting Reveal: Ariya's Lion- Warrior Angel of Childhood Cancer Bio and Photo  

Warrior Painting Reveal!!! 

Samantha received her daughter's painting today! In memory of her daughter Ariya The Lion, who loved puddle jumps, bubbles, and life; a painting of a 'puddle stomp' 

This painting hit home for us because Ariya lived with cancer 20 months out of the 27 months alive; Silas is 26 months old now. We used Silas' rain boots to stomp onto the paint to create the effect of the splashes seen. To think Samantha and Ariya lived a much different life brings an obligation to anyone with a healthy child to have gratitude and respect for the life you were given. I can't image what it's like, my heart breaks for all of you. 

This mom is a true Warrior, if you remember I found her in a 500 'likes' 300+ shares viral post as she advocates for Ellen to become a voice for change in Childhood Cancer research and funding; becoming every child's who fights cancer's mom. 

Here is Ariya's Bio From Mom Samantha: and the letter sent to Ellen:

Ellen, will you please help me stand up and be the voice for children? Will you help me bring awareness to a disease that steals the lives of thousands of children? Every 2 minutes, a child will be diagnosed with cancer. 1 out of 5 children will not survive. Over 90,000 children pass away each single year. This is more seats than the largest NFL stadium in the United States. 

Unfortunately, my daughter was one of these children. 

My beautiful daughter, Ariya, was born on May 18th, 2017 and immediately made the world a brighter place. On December 29th, 2017 at only 7 months old, Ariya was diagnosed with infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Our world was turned completed upside down. Ariya quickly went into remission and did well with her treatment. Our nightmare became worse on January 15th, 2019 when we learned that Ariya’s leukemia had returned and this time it was stronger than ever. As parents we knew we would go to the end of the world for her and that’s exactly what we did every time we got the news “nothing is working.” 

Ariya was treated at Golisano’s Children’s Hospital in Ft. Myers, FL, John Hopkins All Childrens Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL, Dallas Children’s Hospital in Dallas, TX and finally at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. On August 2nd, 2019 after battling cancer for 20 months out of her 27 months of life, Ariya gained her wings and went to be with Jesus. 

Ariya was a silly and sassy little girl yet was very tender hearted and sweet. She loved watching The Little Mermaid, playing with bubbles and putting her stickers on ever surface she could find. She is terribly missed every single day. When Ariya was named, we didn’t know her name had such a powerful meaning... “God’s Lion” 

Our mission is to have Ariya’s memory live on as well as bring awareness to such an awful disease that takes the life of so many little ones. I will continue to fight for her as well as every single child that has been affected by childhood cancer. 

Our federal government only gives 4% of national funding towards childhood cancer research. Chemotherapy used today on children are outdated, toxic and geared towards adults. Our children are worth more than 4%!!! Please Ellen, we need your help!!! Help us bring awareness to childhood cancer and plead with our government for more funding towards research so that our children can have new, promising and less toxic therapies. 

#AriyaGodsLion ??? 

Thank you for your time.



I love your spirit, I love your drive, and am so inspired by your dedication to Ariya's memory. Thank you for being so incredible and strong; You Are Amazing. 

Aubre' Murphy The WarPaint Project: Custom Artwork For Warriors of Life 
Joseph Marlette Pour-House Art by JMStone 
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