We are going to be on TELEVISION! Please Join Us on this Giant MileStone!


We received a call yesterday that Jordan James will be interviewing Joe and I for the very first episode of his brand new talk show 'Good Deeds Buffalo' on March 31st, 2021. We have 12 minutes to share our mission, our impact, and our Warriors. If you have not been a part of WarPaint Project, Inc., we urge you to poke around our website, find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and YouTube, where you can read and experience the ways we use our Art, as a tribute for Cancer Warriors. 

WarPaint Project, Inc is going to present Jordan with a challenge; is 12 minutes enough? Maybe you can help us with what questions we should give him to ask us? Simply CONTACT US. 

We have a Free gift for anyone who is reading this, our first coloring book download! These pages are actual paintings turned into coloring pages for you to draw, trace, or paint with! We hope you'll help us make our 50-page ArtBook its very best with suggestions on paintings you would like to see. Should we tell our Warrior's Story on the pages? Should we charge for this book? You can reach us HERE

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