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WarPaint Project's GiftBox Sponsors are defined as individuals who donate handmade gifts directly to WarPaint Project, which are then placed inside our Warrior's Tribute. Each donated gift is then wrapped, labeled, and placed alongside their Warrior Painting. Our Giftbox Sponsors add a great value, beautiful and personal touch, and also show our Warriors even more ways the creative world supports their fight. To give a gift through our GiftBox Sponsor program please CLICK HERE,

To purchase items from our GiftBox Sponsors, please click on their image to be redirected to their website. 

Tenaciously Teal is a 5.1c3 nonprofit organization who donates 'Cancer-Care-Packs' or medium-sized, handmade bags, filled with necessary items for Cancer-Care. Their President Tara Warren is a personal friend and has donated over 80 Care-Packs to our Warriors over the last two years. Bags come with sample sizes of lotion, chapstick, tea, a crossword puzzle book, pen, handmade card, and more. To send a Cancer Care Pack to a Warrior in your life visit www.t-teal.org

Tim Shewmake donates our website and has even hosted a Mother's Day Live Concert on Facebook for one of our Breast Cancer Warriors, Emily. Tim wrote a song titled, 'Warrior' inspired by WarPaint Project. As his only daughter and his biggest fan, it is a great privilege to send all our Warriors my fathers album, 'Reflections' including the song made in their honor. www.timothyshewmake.org

Jaclyn Johnson, author of the -selling book, 'Manifest it!' donates journals to all our Warriors so they can continue documenting their Warrior Story. Jaclyn and I are working on free workshops for our Warrior Women of Breast Cancer to use, in hopes they will use creative writing and thoughts of positivity to help with their recovery. I've used Jaclyn's methods for years and have experienced journal 'wishes' that come true! Visit www.manifestitonline.com to see videos, blogs, and meet someone I truly admire. 

Danielle Demaison, a Warrior-Mom of Kordell. Kordell grew up in an abusive, horrifying, and broken foster care system. .Danielle not only showed Kordell the love and grace of God, but the love and grace of family, adopting him permanently. Danielle sends 'Encouragement Cards' to all our Warriors. 

Stronghold Ministries, Joe Fornear, is a pastor who battled cancer and his faith. Joe sends two of his books that describe his journey through cancer with doubt and fear, questioning why God would let this happen. Our Warriors can learn techniques for cancer recovery, mental wellness, and how to restore their faith. www.strongholdministries.com

Darla Dobbs and Patricia KinMartin, sisters, and creative minds who give us handmade bookmarks and masks to donate to our Warriors. Both have hearts of Gold and joined our gift because they understand the smallest efforts are treasures to our Warriors. They prove ANYONE can be a  positive support for Warriors. 

DickBlick, an art supplies company answered our request for donated supplies with a $200 donation. Thank you so much for your support to our project. 


4imprint.com creates promotional items for businesses. Their $500 grant called one-by-one was given to us in February of 2021, allowing us to purchase Art Supply Tote Bags for our Warrior's Giftboxes. Thank you for sharing our story and helping our mission. 








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