If you're the first type, you're just like we were just before we created a 501c3 Nonprofit, proof that anyone who wants to, can.

My name is Aubre', I am 43-year-old, I have a husband I would die without, four children ranging in age from 22 to age 3 that I adore, two dogs, two websites, eleven social media pages, six email addresses, 319 painting requests, 43 paintings not yet shipped and one enormous mission in life; place a painting on the wall of every woman fighting breast cancer, every child battling leukemia, autism, Down's Syndrome, and any other illness that takes their innocent play away, to paint for every woman who left her abusive husband, to paint for every child who lost his mom to Cancer, every brother who lost his father to cancer, and to do it at no cost to any of them.  

You'll fall into three categories; one, you never donate to anyone because you don't think it'll make a difference, but it does, and the biggest difference it will make is the one it will make on You. Donate anything, and feel that feeling that you belong to a cause that matters to you, that you believe in, that you can see yourself advocating for. I want you to be involved the most.  

The second category is that you shouldn't donate, that you've donated elsewhere, or even here many times, and have done enough. All I can say is I am envious that you can have a cutoff to the point of giving enough, I clearly don't have that or haven't reached it. You should know that Joe and I don't take a salary, or a holiday, and we have no employees, volunteers, or other artists. When you donate here, you're not donating a tenth of a cent to a cause you're passionate about, our Warriors see every bit you give. We know, we've self-funded ourselves since March, when Covid was announced, I'll never forget that day, the day before that we received our 501c3 status. What was our life's greatest achievement turned to doom in a single day. We didn't quit, we took out our credit cards, took out a loan for $20k, and invested it in kind-deeds. It's the most riveting thing I've ever experienced in my life.  

The third type, you cannot afford it, and it is okay. We don't want you to ever donate. Instead, just place comments on our posts when we tag our Warriors and their family, share their stories too,. The most important action any of you can do, is show our Warriors their story matters more than Susie's new shoes.  

To all of you, thank you for the most important moments in our life, as we paint, and give gifts to people who sometimes believe they could die and no one would care. Part of our mission is to 'Convince Warriors they are Warriors' because they don't see it in themselves. We give paintings to parents who lost their toddler to Cancer, to a child whose mother passed a week before his birthday, to a man who lost his mother on Christmas morning, as a way to change the dialog when they pass their otherwise blank wall, into a painting that acts as an embrace. We paint, we pray, we laugh, and we give a gift that cannot be purchased, and won't be made twice, that signifies a Warrior was found, and acknowledged with a gift like Royalty, having a painting made in their honor.  

Donate so we can reach more kids, more moms, more dads, more little brothers, more artists, more gifters, more donors and so we can accomplish what we want to do, to show them their strength, their bravery, their fight for life, their rise, their fall, their baldness, their grace, their tears, their fears, their scars and their story, is truly a work of beautiful art, and I will show them what that looks like when they open the box that's on their doorstep with a giant label that says, FRAGILE ARTWORK INSIDE MADE FOR A WARRIOR OF CANCER.  

We will not stop until every nomination has been fulfilled. We don't need your help, we will pay for it alone, again. But, it sure would be nice to see who steps in, stands up, and becomes a part of our mission. Whoever you are, thank you. 

With all our best,every day 
The WarPaint Project Inc  
Your strength, bravery, grace, and faith are a work of Art. 

Aubre and Joe

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