Innerocity- A book by Aubre' Murphy- What Is Innerocity?

Standing in line at the grocery store the woman in front of me is fumbling for money, the woman behind me complains to her children she can't afford candy for them, to wait until they leave, the youngest child begins crying as mom apologizes and begins to lecture through her clinched teeth; I am focused on how the cashier is being impatient with the building line. The woman begins to instruct the cashier to remove items from her bags, she's more than $20 short, sure she had the money but can't find it; innerocity steps in but in my line of love, I hand the woman behind me $5 for candy, $20 for the woman in front, and the cashier forgets the ugliness for a moment because a beam of kindness is blinding. 

I am not special, just aware of the power of generosity; aware that I have been given a task to bless those around me because I dared look up and ask for purpose in my life; that I would be given an opportunity to show my character; either you are in a position in your life and in a position in your soul, to be a person chosen to love others purposefully or you haven't asked for that job, yet. 

Generosity is giving of yourself but INNERocity is much more; it is the INSTINCT to act immediately, hastily, giving yourself to others in a way that even you can't believe you're capable of; that you shock yourself at sacrifices you made; it was awesome! Everyone has those moments of blessing a family member or homeless person, of donating a lot, tithing extra, volunteering, and saying 'yes' out of character; that's what I am talking about!  

I was given one moment to love, to honor, to share selflessly, to paint for one person, then a group of 20, and then a group of 44; I now have 174 nominations in less than 11 months; where did the time go? It went to the place where smiling at good deeds creates the kind of moment that cashiers stop in awe; in that place where children stop to cheer, where the people around think that kindness is rare; but it's not; we all feel this pull; some act, some don't. I will tell you that the frequency and depth with which you GIVE yourself to others creates a balance in your life that cannot be obtained on your own. 

Because I painted for one, another dozen asked, because they asked, I painted more often, because I painted what they each wanted, I as required to push myself to paint what I had never considered; the time, the talent, the ability to pay for everything I needed was provided to me because when you authentically love another person who needs love, you balance the world. Innerocity, that pull, is your secret to life, secret to love and a better marriage, the secret to a fulfilled ;life, and ambitious living; you will be your best, ever. 

But, you will not be trusted to do God's work, to have him deliver the world's blessing, until you create a trust in each other that when you are called to act, that you will and when you act, you will do it for nothing except the joy that's gained on their side of life. If you would have asked me three days before I started the WarPaint Project 'will you spend whatever is needed, fundraise for the rest, paint almost 200 paintings for people who may not live, and will you sacrifice all of your free time, most of your personal time, and paint what you never dared as onlookers of more than 10,000 people watched your artwork, your reaction to life, and do it now? I would have said no. 

Why do we say no? I would have said no. But instead, I couldn't, like being in the shopping line that day, the moment to act now was upon me, I had no choice, my soul was calling me to grow, to step out, to face my fears, and become my best without a single hesitation; here we are a year later (02/07/19) creating a space that cancer cannot touch, with joy and memories that last forever, with art I made that I cannot believe I made-

How did I do it? Innerocity ; the relationship between you and God that he trust you with blessing people he needs to bless by using your unique talents and genuine love as a  vehicle for his love; with timing so critical and so perfect, you will feel a pressure to act, but when you do, you are rewarded with a life that is blessed with the ability to give yourself more. 

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