My name is Aubre', it is 2024, I am 47 years old and have just begun college for the first time since 10th grade so I might pull the last five years together into a book that shares what creating paintings side-by-side with the love of life, for individuals fighting Cancer, and other diagnosis, for five years. By nomination form, we learned a family member would like a painting made to present to their Warrior. We learned about the day they were diagnosed, and what stage, type, and condition, they faced. We learned about treatment options, their ups and downs, the cost, the impact on their body, emotions, finances, careers, futures, and families, and we learned about their favorite hobbies, collectibles, wishes, and hopes. We would go to their Facebook pages and read every single post, see every photo, and combine all we learned, with how we felt, to create a painting that was more a conversation about how proud we are to know their story and what inspiration they are to us. I feel like the best of who we are sits in the center of our body while our mind acts separately because the kind of art made with the mind is very different than the art made with the soul; one is a pretty picture while the other feels like anger, love, hope, fury, and joy. 

Today is June 11, 2024, and I sit here redesigning the website to include ArtCouples, ArtHealers, Our Enso Studio, and to tell the entire story of WarPaint Project's painting side. Over the next month we will prove how painting, and the act of giving paintings to people who inspire us, is a place of art, love, respect, and spirituality. Artists are the changemakers, the peacemakers, and the healers the world needs right now. We pray our efforts mean WarPaint Project can reach its potential to become a global act of Art that Heals. 

Thank you for reading. 

WarPaint mission

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If you want to move someone with your art- fall in love and paint together.” - Aubre' Joseph

— WarPaint Project Inc. Founders

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