We an ArtCouple who uses art, love, and faith, to guide our life. Over the last 12 years we have known deeply tragic situations, devastating loss, have faced homelessness twice, and as late as September 2023, experienced a near-fatal injury. Throughout our relationship we adopt rules that are designed to maintain those strategies we discover as we rebuild and restore order. 

Artists bring alive what is found in the imagination, without us there would be no language, no history, no innovation, and no perspective; art is critical for life. How does art improve love? emotional health? mental well-being? Can art heal a relationship? These, and other questions about the act of creating art, and receiving it, deserve our research, and answers. We will look at ArtCouples in history, at Sacred Art, ArtTherapy, Marriage/Couples Counseling, and Art Healers.  

If you are an artist, if you are an ArtCouple, if you are an ArtHealer, we want to work with you to understand how Art creates, and provides, love, faith, and healing. If we can prove art as a useful method for couples needing healing, then we create a place for couples worldwide to stay together. We cannot find a more important mission than this.