Memorial Paintings; Remembering their lives uniquely

Life has no promises for time, for opportunity, for success, or love; we get what we get! But, we are blessed with instinct and the same opportunity to love, to be loved, and to be remembered for the time spent with each other. 

I've decided to open a sensitive place in the WarPaint Project Experience where you can remember your loved one's passed on with a 'Memorial Painting'. Just as it's titled this painting is meant to contain images of animals, flowers, sunsets, or symbols that remind you of the life of someone dearly missed. Each painting is made with careful detail to contain all the items you've requested, to tell a story about the Warrior of Life and Legacy it is painted to remember. 

Memorial Paintings can contain biblical references, their name, their favorite flowers, maybe a special moment you shared; these paintings stand on the wall as a reminder of the beautiful life your Warrior spent with you, bringing memories alive that cannot be explained in a single picture. 

Each Memorial Painting is made on a 20"x20"x 1.5" Gallery Frame with Oil or Acrylics, depending on price and canvas can be larger; prices below are for one canvas size and include anything except portraits. As we continue to paint for Actively Fighting Warriors of Cancer we need to generate income so that we may take our project to a place where we are eligible for grants and help that is so readily available; this painting request will be considered a donation and your name (or your Warrior's name) will be placed on the back of all the paintings in our WarPaint Project allowing their shine to travel through every painting we complete. 

To order a Memorial Painting, please email with the subject line "Memorial Painting Request" to begin our designing and creating your painting. Prices below include designing, materials, and shipping. 

20x20" 1.5"depth Gallery Frame Acrylic Painting $225.00 

20x20" 1.5" depth Gallery Frame Oil Painting $325.00 

50% due on the day of order, 50% due at time of shipment, estimated turnaround 2 weeks. 


If you have any questions please email us 

With all my love and prayers for your family 

Aubre' Murphy 

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