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ArtCouple: Aubre' and Joseph of Warpaint Project, Inc; Our ENSO Studio, Art.Love.Faith 

Aubre' & Joseph 

Warpaint Project, Inc is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization whose mission is to donate a custom-made, original painting to individuals fighting cancer. Since 2018 Aubre&Joseph have created, donated, and shipped, 391 paintings nationwide. each painting is shared with a story about who the painting celebrates and how their fight to survive redefines what a ‘warrior’ is. Warpaint Project's paintings held by warriors of cancer prove the intensely meaningful and healing ability of art, but also prove the incredible gifts of artcouples creating together. Left, one of the first collaboration paintings joining joseph's brilliant acrylic pouring talent as it fuses with aubre's painting talent. ‘We Never Separate’ is one of their artcouple mottos which describes their unique ability to create art together on ONE CANVAS.


ArtCouple Aubre&Joseph

ArtCouples Healing with Art- Turtles for Titus

Aubre&Joseph are piloting a new movement where ArtCouples create collaboration paintings which require two artists in love to share ONE CANVAS; whose art becomes an effort of communication, compromise, kindness, encouragement, and love. The end result of ArtCouples in Love creating Art together becomes a painting with enormous healing qualities. (LEFT) Turtles for Titus joins Joseph's AcrylicPouring technique with Aubre's paintbrush method. The painting represents lockets made of wood and mother-of-pearl that contained the ashes of a child who passed with cancer. His mother released his ashes in Jamaica where Titus used his Make-A-Wish vacation. The painting is titled, "Reincarnation" and suggests when his ashes were thrown into the water, they were ingested by sea turtles who gave Titus another 100 years alive. Aubre&Joseph did not know Titus' mother miscarried a second child when they decided to create a second turtle. The painting experienced unplanned, delays in shipping but finally arrived. It just so happened Titus' mother received his painting on Mother's Day.