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A Thank You to All Artists; You Make The World So Beautiful

Dear Artists and Lovers Of Art,  

The WarPaint Project consists of two 43-year-old, self-taught artists, Aubre' and Joe, who turned a third bedroom into a studio to create paintings for a very small audience of a dozen mom's who…


Our Mission; To Convince Warriors they are Warriors

I am working on a new website and going back to my roots as the EVP, Director of Operations, and Vice President for more than 23 years in the debt-collections world. I remember the days of structuring 200+ employee offices,…


[Olean Times Herald] WarPaint makes Headlines asking for Help


We made in the news, again, what a blessing it is; to have what we are doing acknowledged is really amazing. We hope our article touches the hearts of Warriors who need this gift and supporters who will donate…