175 Warriors - What does that look like? See Here Now

what does 175 Warriors Look Like? 

Melanie- Warrior of Cancer- Elephant - Painting #1 
Baby Cali Lotus Mandala - Warrior of Childhood Cancer Raven- Owl and Raven Feathers - Warrior of Childhood Cancer Melly- Elephant for her Father - Warrior of Bladder CancerKay'd T-Rex - Warrior of Brain Surgery Cody- Metallic Elephant - Warrior of Autism Lexi- Unicorn with Glowing Lotus - Warrior of Epilepsy Caitlyn- Pirate Ship - Memorial Painting for Grandma- Warrior of Cancer Mary- Lone Cypress Ocean Sunset - Warrior of Life Wendy- Rose Wall - Warrior of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Greg- Champagne Bottles (Fundraising for Warriors Benefit) Heather- Mason Jar (Warrior of Tragic Car Accident) 
Rick- Wizard- Warrior of Cancer- Fallen Warrior Rick- Benefit- 100 Classic Rock Bands Maiya- The Dragon and the Unicorn (Warrior of gi) Michael- Brave Knight defeating Maiya's Dragon Olivia- Anaconda and Purple Lotus- Warrior of Autism Colleen- Yellow Roses for Fitzgerald Father - Fallen Warrior of Cancer Kordell- Red Race Car - Warrior of Adoption Kordell- Graffitti Name - Warrior of Kindness Joanne May- Blue Rare Butterfly- Warrior of Children  Nicholas and Family - Deer Antlers and Cardinal- Doctor & Warrior of Women's Health Tanya - Elephant Tree - Warrior of Kindness Taneeka and Brittany- Penguins- Warriors of Kindness\ Dolphin Painting for Mary Family Tree for Mary Family Tree #2 For Mary Family Tree for Mary #3 Family Tree #4 for Mary Broadway Painting for Laure's Son Painting Broadway Painting for Laurie's Son Kylein- Snow Owl- Warrior of Teen Depression - Pregnant Aunt passed in a House Fire Arther- Skull and Hummingbird- Warrior of Depression Brandy- Roses, Dragonfly, Butterfly- Warrior of Depression Ed Tech Benefit- Wine Bottle Painting -Warrior of Educating Youth Vicky- Tiger - Warrior of Domestic Violence and Attempted Murder by her Parent and Spouse Vincent- Eagle One- Warrior of Throat Cancer Amanda- rain/Elephant Scan Lotus Abstract- Warrior of Brain Anurism Amanda H- Alice in Wonderland Madd Hatter - Warrior of Traumatic Brain Injury Brian Best- Buddy Holly Portrait- Warrior of Colon Cancer Adam Kottz- Referee of Every Sport - Warrior of MR and Premature Birth at 13 weeks Reverend Cassandra- Wolf and 7 Butterflies- Warrior of Cancer and Lupus Aubrey- Mermaid and Sea Creatures- Warrior of CDLS Anastasia- Zoo Painting- Warrior of Childhood Cancer Shane- Sloth, Goose, Turtle, Train - Warrior of Autism Officer Reanna- Sunflower One- Warrior of Lupus & Community Heroism 
Caroline- Sunfl Two- Warrior of Kind Deeds (hugs) Tara H- The Pig for FARA- Warrior of FARA Robyn's Mother- Hummingbird and Butterfly- Warrior of Pancreatic Cancer Marnie Mahowish- Her Horse Portrait- Fallen Hero- Warrior of Breast Cancer ( i think of you every day) Holden- Superhero Helmets - Warrior of Down's Syndrome KIm- 2 Elephants Embracing- Widow of Husband, Warrior of Lung Cancer "Anonymous" - Flower whose shadow is a Cross - Warrior of Breast Cancer Julia Rae- Ballet shoes, Dandelion, Feather- Warrior of Childhood Cancer (eyes) Sophie- Unicorn and Dandelion Field- Warrior of Childhood Cancer David- Eagle and Service Medals Warrior 23 yrs in Air Force- Cancer Survivor Alicia- A light unto My Path- Trees - Warrior of Breast Cancer Laurie - Beach, Sax, A Bushel and a Peck- Warrior of Breast and Liver Cancer Dana- Rainbow Trout- Sister to Fallen Warrior of the Military and Explosives Expert Chris- Adirondak Cats Quilt Painting- Warrior of Breast Cancer Joe- Oil Portrait Painting - 'Anonymous' Warrior of Breast Cancer - Fallen Hero Jeannie- Beach and Boat for Dalton- her grandson Warrior of Breast Cancer Mackenzie- Portrait of Jack (Service Dog)- Warrior of Women's Support and Warrior of Cancer 'vicky's son - Fox Painting- Warrior of Life Tim Shewmake- Guitar painting- Warrior of Healing Music- Wrote "Warriors a song inspired by this project! Natasha- Love & Koi- Warrior of Kind Deeds Bentley- His own Superhero Logo- Warrior of Childhood Cancer Bentley's Mother- Giraffe painting- Warrior of Childhood Cancer AdvocacyLisa- Waterfall, Wine, Carousel, Sunflower - Warrior of Breast Cancer Sarah/Veronica Hibiscus and Baseball, Warrior of pRADer-Willie Jody- Jukebox of Man and Orb Painting- Warrior of Kind Deeds to the WarPaint Project Moms Orb Painting 'EMELYN AND MIA' - Wonder Woman with Daughter- Warrior of Child with Disability Karen- Coffee TIme- Warrior of Cancer - Grey Black White Trees Pink Bird Holly- CHARGE Music and Color through Water - Harmonica and bright colors Brandy- Haley's Comet, Jeep - Fallen Warrior of Cancer jessyca 1/3- Minnie - Warrior of Life Jessica2/3- Tiger - Warrior of Life jessyca' 3/3 Pantera Pokemon- Warrior of Multiple Sclerosis Brandon - Graduates - Warrior of Life Tribute to Parents Julia's Brother - Eagle- Benefit - Widow to Fallen Warrior of Cancer Jenn F- Unicorn and Disney's Frozen- Warrior of FOP stephanie repak - Warrior of Kind Deeds Surprise (From one Warrior to Another) Shane- 'Lion painting' - Warrior of Childhood Kidney Transplant Dominik- Trains- Warrior of Autism Patricia- (Maxx) Warrior of TN Cancer Marissa- (Surprise painting) Warrior of GI Smiles for Baby Charley- JellyFish- Warrior of Childhood Cancer Haley/Lucas- The Acorn Tree - Warrior of Down's Syndrome LeighAnne- Mermaid Tail- Best Friend's Tribute- Warrior of Cancer Charles Pellien- Buffalo Fan Thunder Non-Profit- Warrior of Kind Deeds Pancho Billa (Ezra Castro) - Nominated By Charles- Fallen Warrior of Cancer and Kindness- Bills Painting Grace- Fallen Warrior of Cancer- Mom will accept painting- Paint of Cats/Kittens Ayla- elephant family Clarence- Wife- Breast Cancer- He's thinking about what the painting will be! Heather- Blue Sloth - Jerzi- Heather Wyatt marvel captain america iron man Heather- kailey panda lady bug Katie - Danny- Cow's Head JANERRA- Phoenix, Owl, Fox- Survivor Cancer Amara- Snowflake Warrior of MG Amara- Paris Larry -Sister- Warrior of Cancer Mustangs Monica Urbino- Warrior Survivor of Cancer- Horse and Phoenix Wendy- Warrior of Cancer- 2 Grandsons Nicole- Aunt- Mosaic Horse Stained Glass Marc- Aunt- Warrior of Cancer- Elephant Dandelion Kevin- Brian- Chess Piece- Survivor Warrior of Cancer Wendy- gator HUSBAND PASSED SUDDENLY; SENT SACHETS TO OUR PROJECT - Gator Mom- Mikeala- Phoenix Laura Snyder- Warrior Survivor Cancer 2x- Beach Painting -WARRIOR PINS GIVEN to our project Jackson-Virgibia Lion JACKSON WARRIOR OF CANCER -GREAT DANCER Zoi- Edgar Alan Poe- Patti Warrior of Cancer Remission Caroline- Beth- Unicorn Forest !! Alexis- Firefly- Rob Warrior of Cancer Tara- Teresa- Warrior of MS (surprise) Carrie- Beth- Peacock Carla Klien- Nephew Tennyson- Lion Warrior 3 major surgeries Janera for Kristin- Beach Sailboat Warrior of Cancer Shannnon- Savannah, Austin- sister passed away a warrior of cancerJANET- LEANNE Warrior of Cancer MAUI TREE Michelle - WonDer Woman- WILSON'S WARRIORS Antionette - Supergirl warrior of childhood cancer Ivy- Mickela -Freedom Libra Blue butterfly warrior passed from dipgKaty Cooper Sea Turtle warrior transplant Pamela Albert I'll fix you lighthouse painting warrior of cancer- so also has cancer Stacy and Skylar -warrior of cancer - girl who hangs the moon Julia Pecheco care package love her so much- harley ainting for brother Warrior of Life Tyler and Katie Richards aww- family zoo painting warrior of childhood cancer Wonder woman and daughter for Emelyn warrior multiple surgeries TANYA HOFFMAN MOM ANGEL WINGS Lourdes Bello SUPERHERO four fighters warrior of cancer Pamela- Son Jake- Survivor Childhood Cancer - Guitar Tarrah Warren- Reverend saw angel - JILLIAN CHICKENS Titus -Fire Pour- Silhouette SuperHero Titus Mom's Friend JACLYN- lotus- donates journals and gives mentoring - amazing person Jaclyn Nursery CAT AND DOG Jaclyn Caoricorn AND DOG Jaclyn Lotus MANIFEST Jaclyn Plate Alex (local) Lisa David Heldwein- Warrior of Hunter's syndrome - superhero - find him Bills memorabilia Jayden Dragon Family Father passed away while he is fighting cancer - 5 foot dragon- dragonfly two butterflies for sisters Arwens friend Buffalo Ryan and Kevin Mulhern -need to find someone to talk with about his painting Ariya Lion (passed at 27 months Old ) warrior of childhood cancer Patty Cutler Cheryl Hobbs -warrior of cancer Angel & Coyote Unicorn small for Kathy German _ Ms Pats friend Lew Debbie Snyder Maine -Warrior of Life LAUREN LEE FOR Emma Mermaids, Unicorn -Red Head warrior of CHILDHOOD CANCER REMISSION TARRA TENACIOUSLY TEAL LOGO donates cancer care packs SCOTT POLEK- VEGAS OWL 7 feet by 4 feet DOUG KOMO- ROBERT GARDINIER - BUFFALO BILLS HUDDLE UP JEANNIE'S DAUGHTER - ASHLEY -DEER POUR -warrior of cancer 2x JOANNE - JOE'S FRIEND- OLD ITALIAN DOOR for mother who passed with cancer suddenly HEATHER LAWSON - PANDA ROCK CRAB LADYBUG -Warrior of Cancer PATTI CUTLER- NOT SURE? LAURA NOMINEEEMELYN- HUSBAND- WILL GET BACK TO ME LEANNE (always live) MILK TYSON Wyatt burnouts greg- naomi Unicorn Superhero andrea- adriana warrior of childhood cancer - jacqueline yomoto- sam and akila- twins hawaii/sunset volcaoseahorses Linda May= Annette -Native American Waterfall Warrior Maria Moll - 6years remission Anaya Owl Joe's friend Jay Christmas Veev Window Flower Angel Megan Wolf - for Jeremiah - Super Hero Theme - Trisomy 18 - 142 arch street york pa 17401 - 19surgeries one year old Christian- Haddie - 6yr old- Cancer- Cat- warrior of childhood cancer - LAURA H.s.- WARRIOR OF CANCER surgery in December -Titus-Passed away from Cancer 1/17-Two Seaturtles Memorial Painting- Julian-PJ-Warrior of Cancer-Bills Painting 

131 SHIPPED and RECEIVED and 45 pending painting and shipping 

Together- we can change the world! 

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