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About our nightmare..

Yesterday, less than 24 hoursago., my 22-year-old daughter, Bailey Lane, was sexually assaulted after she called for a maintenance man to repair her air-conditioner. 

I dont know if she would have ever told me except for when I called her, she couldn't hide that something bad happened, she couldn't even speak, or breathe. It's like I watched a part of her die. I had to tell her to take deep breaths for nearly ten minutes, she repeated herself,  "i am so stupid" over, and over. 

As mothers, we have an oath to show our children how to behave, how to be kind, how to stand up for themselves, and my daughter knows all to well about my own tragic resume of sexual trauma. I've shown her all I know and protected her to a fault her entire life. 

We called the police together, I was on video messenger as she told this gruesome account,  I was with her telling her how brave she is. And when they called her down to tell her there was no charges being filed; whatever little was left of her broke again.  

I've started a fundraiser on my website. Please help me relocate her to another place, give her good counseling, and give me the ability to fight for her. I am going to show her the actions no one took for me. I am gathering a petition, I am asking for your help. 

He didn't even lose his job. 

I'm sorry but, no. This is not what happens to my daughter. She didn't deserve it to happen like this. Not #hertoo I called the main office, Maria told me that the name of the man who assaulted my daughter "was none of my concern". Bailey doesn't even know his name. Maybe its better that way. I asked his name for the police report, she told me the police weren't necessary that they are handling it internally. 
The $##$ you are. Then she hung up on me. 
She clearly has no idea what her daughter's face looks like before she has had a chance to shower her attack off. But. I do. It is shuttering grief. 

I've placed an area on my website where you can send Bailey a message, she is not well. Please write her. Please help me with her. She needs us. She is in Texas, I am in New york, she is sitting on the couch she was held captive on. Ughhhh. Why. All I can do is remind her that God is at work. Show up. Please. 

Thank you for whoever will show up. 


With all our prayers for Bailey Lane, 

love your family.. 

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Please write your responses below, when you click submit your letter will go directly to my daughter, Bailey. Thank you for helping us cheer her up. 

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What is the best therapy for victims of sexual assault?

Counceling 3
Prayer, religion 1
Justice 0
Public Speaking 0
Revenge 0
Silence 0
Journaling 0
A hobby; staying busy 0
Medication 0
Yoga, meditation 0
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#Youtwo Mother's and Daughters Fighting Together

Day One- A mother's love for her daughter  

#hertoo #forBaileyLane 

My name is Aubre', Bailey is my 22-year-old daughter. She is a New-Year's Baby born first in Wyoming County, New York, 1999. She has always been very anxious, very emotional, more of an observer, shy, and filled with fears. It started when she was just a child, shaking at the idea of Santa, or anything in costume continuing to her adult years, afraid of crowded places or large social groups. She, like me, will cling to one person for life, or until they disappoint us to the point we…

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This fundraiser is for my 22-year-old daughter Bailey Lane, who was sexually assaulted on February 25th, 2021. This fund will allow her to vacate and relocate from the apartment she was attacked in. We are seeking counseling, and we would like to fly to see her, and give her the only family she has, as we are all in New York State and she is in Texas. She needs our support, she needs legal representation, she needs advice, and she needs her mom, step-father, and three brothers by her side. Thank you for any help you can provide- it means the world. 



When mothers and daughters cope with sexual trauma together

This is Bailey Lane, on February 25th, 2021 she was assaulted by a maintenance man who she called to repair her air conditioner. He told her how beautiful she is, said she should be his wife, asked if she wanted a drink, and left to come back an hour later to then hold her hostage in her apartment, forcing himself on her, kissing her while she pierced her lips tight. Afraid to anger him into her rape, or death, she politely asked him to get back to work, and acted as if she was okay. The minute he left she complained to the office explaining the attack I've left out. He's a monster, he's done this before, and the office didn't seem to care, said they would handle it internally. What they didn't know is I would call my daughter on video messenger just eight minutes after her attack. I am going to have my daughter see her family's love as we fight for justice and show her bravery, prayer, and fighting for 3hats right will conquer all. 


Thank you for your support.