Aubre Michelle Murphy 

15 hrs · 

To Ezra Castro'S family 
Nominated by Charles Pellien 
Warrior of Cancer, Guardian Angel 
Warrior of Kind Deeds to Buffalo, NY 
"First, as Ezra' 

To Ezra, From Aubre' 
(My first Warriors Bio) 

A good man is not of spine alone; he is of deep soul and genuine thought; of motive that's pure and intent that inspires, far more than breath and pulse. His pride is a badge and not a sword, his tongue spews wisdom not venom; his loyalty, like his laughter, loud and contagious. When eye to eye, a promise for brotherhood meets you if you will help his cause and a warning for war if you intend harm; behind his gaze, an invitation for either meets you long before words are ever spoken. This man will stand alone no matter the popularity of his values; he'd rather isolation than compromise what's good and right. This man, Ezra, Pancho Billa, a local icon, a SuperFan of the Buffalo Bills, dressed in attire that gave him notariety but he seized the opportunity to use it to become the Kindest Man in Buffalo, even while he waged a war with cancer. His gift to Buffalo creates an inspiration that we all need to take to heart, that a man in his final days is either one that takes or one that gives; he gave us all he had. 

From the Warpaint Project and it's community, we hope this gift is a reminder that Buffalo sees the Man you are and will always remember you 'first as Ezra' then as Pancho Billa, both as Warrior of Kindess.

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every donation is significant; everything we use costs anything from $.99 up- we appreciate every donation so much! anyone donating is named on the back of ev ery painting showing our warriors your support. we are not a non-profit; we are a duo, husband and wife, who wanted o do more than typr 'praying' with the prayer hands; we wanted to interact with every warrior, share theri story, donate, and find them support. it just so happens we are artists, we love to paint, and we found a way to show each warrior how their individual story matters to us. 

thank you, god bless you for your donations, and thank you for becoming a part of our community of warriors and art. 

aubre' and joe