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Our Start

jaclyn johnston, best selling author of 'don't feel stuck' donates 'manifest it!' journals to our warriors of breast cancer. she is also a blogger, podcaster, emailer, and more; she is a mentor of life, she is my personal friend, and she is gifted at motivating your inner-self to evolve. a few days ago she sent an email to me that i am still in love with, let me share it with you: 

"it's not the money that you want.  It's  what money  represents to you that you want. Money = Access"

This sent my mind into a spiraling frenzy about what i want access to; she's right! i don't want money, at all- i want access to art supplies that i can gift along with the painting (like i had done in the first 70 paintings shipped) and I wanted access to free canvas and materials, and if the shipping (the largest expense) were covered, i could easily afford to double the nominations. i've always dreamed of customizing each warrior giftbox too. today there are over a dozen donated gifts from a dozen friends; magnets, keychains, friendship bracelets, a warrior and arrow charm necklace, a journal, candy, and more. but what if there were also a plane ticket for naomi's family to take a picture in front of the hollywood sign because it's on her bucket-list? she's 8, fighting stage 4 brain cancer, i want to give that to her. what if i could add a warrior cape to all the kids boxes. so they have their own superhero cape too? what if i could give them a gift card to arteza's art supplies (which i use) and they could paint their own things? i could easily ship every warrior a warpaint project photo album of all the other kids, give their contact information, they could all be warpaint pals; they could meet other kids fighting their same fight and support each other; the ideas don't end. i need access, folks! help me find access. they deserve more. 

today I am writing 1,000 artists, art supply companies, news stations, news papers, online and major magazines, journalists, and editors asking they see my video, find my project, and help me find access. I have a very important mission that they could so easily help me fund. if you're reading this, please help save this project and give me the resources to make this gift a life-changing surprise for our warriors- i cannot do this alone. 

wish me luck! any $25 donation is entry into our valentine's day raffle for a free 20"x20"x1.5" painting made for a warrior in your life. since the nomination form is closed until we can find support for the 62 gifts that remain, this may be the only way to have a painting made for your warrior; i promise i am working on it. drawing will be held at 6:00pm est on 02/14- good luck! thank you for donating; we love ya' 







Meet Naomi

warrior of brain cancer fighting now

painting a 5 foot unicorn superhero 

naomi's wish list includes seeing the hollywood sign, going on a date, seeing a real live unicorn, attending a princess ball, in a limo - she's done almost all of them! she makes these adorable skits with dad about her super-hero abilities and even calls out wrestlers like the rock, and more telling her she can beat them and cancer. she spent her christmas starting a toy drive for other kids; naomi is exatly why we do this; to honor children and adults who use their diagnosis as a way to advocate, create change, and show a strength that unless you are 8 years old fighting cancer, you don't have. 

Her painting is almost done! make sure to subscribe to emails to see the reveal. please donate to help us gift her with additional unicorn items- as always your name is tagged on any item you add to the 'Warrior Giftbox' and is placed on the back of every painting. 

We are so inspired by you Naomi; the Unicorn Warrior

Kathleen Wuts- Orchard Park NY

AddNominated by Larry Dempsey a subheading

The WarPaint Project: Custom Artwork For Warriors of Life

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Meet Kathleen Wutz of Orchard Park ?
Warrior of Cancer
Nominated by Larry Dempsey of Orchard Park Inn
'Got you a Mustang' a Brothers Gift

20"x20x2 Gallery Frame Acrylic Pour
Ford Mustang Logo silhouette
Keep fighting! We are all here for you.

? Aubre and Joe
@warpaintaubre @pourhousejoe




In the News!

click 'donate' to become a part of the story featured 11/01 in 7 wny newpapers

thank you for your support! 


Monica Urbino

warrior of Colon Cancer


I wanted to share a snip of Monica Urbin;s Bio with you. Monica was diagnosed with Rectal Cancer and fought the fight of her life, and won! Please take this in and remember we are all in this together; and all we need is love...

"In one fell swoop, I lost my home, my business, my relationship and never have felt so alone. During this time, I read the bible and especially 1 Cor 13 which I believe sums up how Christians should act towards God, others and self."

A friend asked me, how did you make it through all that? I couldn't answer right away because I never thought that I had done anything special.

I survived and still love life because of the nurses who would take the time to give a hug, laugh or pray with me, my doctors in LA who never dismissed my concerns and treated me with great knowledge and compassion, the other patients who were suffering more than I that not only made me grateful but compassionate to them, patients who did the same with me, kindness of strangers and friends, God who when I thought I didn't want to do this anymore had to have scooped me up and held me tight, and it all boils down to love!

Having been in the healthcare industry my entire professional life, I have been so blessed to meet so many heroic patients who taught me throughout my life that all that really matters is love. Making it through maybe just a second at a time but you do.

The human spirit including mine has an unbelievable will to survive. That's a beautiful thing to witness and feel yourself!

Tara, Warrior, and Bake Sale host for the WarPaint Project

Tara, Warrior, and Bake Sale host for the WarPaint Project

"see you later, gator' for wendy; before the unexpected passing of her husband, this was his nickname for her

"see you later, gator' for wendy; before the unexpected passing of her husband, this was his nickname for her


For Trisha- Warrior of Breast cancer

for you, the world. 

From Pam, who made my day with this amazing painting reveal. This is my 'why'! 

I would like to take this opportunity to give a special thank you to Aubre for my beautiful painting and all the hard work that she puts into these paintings for the many people out there who are suffering in one way or another. It is such a blessing to know there are people out there who care and take into consideration all of us who may need a little something to brighten our days. Just receiving something in the mail and then having it to look at daily knowing I was nominated and Aubre cared enough to consider my illnesses and lift my spirits brightened my day/days. 

I currently suffer with approximately 7 bone diseases including Lupus, fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease? cervical disk disease, osteopenia, osteoporosis. I suffer short-term memory loss due to cerebral hemorrhage I suffered from a car accident I had approximately 7-8 years ago. I also have severe migraine history in which my mom gives me injections for monthly. 

To look at me, many people may think I am fine. My illnesses are invisible, they cannot be seen. I would like anyone to live in my shoes for a week or even a day and see how it feels. Most days it is pretty unbearable, especially in the colder weather. This just explains a little bit about myself and my medical history. I have been living with all of this and more for about 10 years now and it is no fun. 

Again, thank you Aubre for all you do for the Warriors of Life Project. It is an amazing project and I am so happy that I got to be a part of it. I also want to thank Linda May who nominated me for this project. She herself should be nominated as she has been fighting and suffering for years and continues to battle daily with her many illnesses. 

Thank you again Aubre for all you do!! You are an amazing lady ?

The WarPaint Project

Never Fight Alone

My name is Aubre'. I am a mother of four and a pretty normal person who loves God, my family, my work, and my friends. All of my life I've given away my artwork; if you know me personally, you have a painting or ten. I don't stop at artwork, I am a problem-solver who believes that having something that someone else needs, is selfish to keep. If I learn that someone is hurting, I want to help. God gave me a gift ; to paint artwork that's special and meaningful, and for people who deserve more. 

I never intended for any of this to happen! This project started with one painting to my best friend Mel whose close family member was diagnosed with cancer. When she called me to talk, we couldn't speak; we sat crying, sobbing, weeping, and I managed to squeak the words, 'it's going to be okay' over and over. At the end of the call I painted an elephant painting; strong, loyal, undeniably 'there'. Her reaction to receiving her painting was so deeply moving that I would need to give this gift again, and again. This project began out of the purest, most loving moment between her and I, her smile is 'why' this began.  

Since February 12. 2019 I've found 144 fighters of Childhood Cancer, Breast Cancer, Autism, Down's Syndrome, and very rare illnesses like CDLS, Stone Man, and Willie-Prader. I share their story in their own words with the 'Warrior's Bio' and ask for a painting request. Once the painting is finished it's boxed and shipped, as a GIFT. 

In the following pages you'll see Warriors who will inspire you to throw away the dumb stress in your life and make you appreciate the people that you have around you. Here, I celebrate and honor their amazing stories and give each of them a community of nominators, fellow warriors, supporters, and sponsors, who want this Warrior Gift to be an experience. In the GiftBox there are gifts from all over the nation; gifts are shipped to me from artists, authors, cancer survivors, and people who want to be a part of their gift. It's so easy to love these Warriors, and they need it! 

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you, to give these Gifts to you, to add your gifts to it, and to see these Warriors of Life experience a gift that says, 'You will Never Fight Alone". I don't know where this is going, I only know this is what I need to be doing. The Warrior GiftBox continues to evolve with new items- there will never be enough. If you would like to help with shipping, materials, or even add gifts to their shipment; let me know! 

The last piece of this experience is found on the back of every painting; this is where I write the names of every person who's ever donated, supported, and given to this experience. I also have an area for our 'Fallen Warriors' who watch over this project from heaven. Being able to see how many people gave their time and resources to make this gift happen, is so important. They are NOT alone, I can prove it. 

Thank you everyone, this is a journey for sure, we are in this together; I wouldn't have it any other way. 





Samantha Jennings

Add a subheaAriya's Lion: Puddle Stomp

Warrior Painting Reveal!!!
Samantha received her daughter's painting today! In memory of her daughter Ariya The Lion, who loved puddle jumps, bubbles, and life; a painting of a 'puddle stomp'

This painting hit home for us because Ariya lived with cancer 20 months out of the 27 months alive; Silas is 26 months old now. We used Silas' rain boots to stomp onto the paint to create the effect of the splashes seen. To think Samantha and Ariya lived a much different life brings an obligation to anyone with a healthy child to have gratitude and respect for the life you were given. I can't image what it's like, my heart breaks for all of you.

This mom is a true Warrior, if you remember I found her in a 500 'likes' 300+ shares viral post as she advocates for Ellen to become a voice for change in Childhood Cancer research and funding; becoming every child's who fights cancer's mom.

I love your spirit, I love your drive, and am so inspired by your dedication to Ariya's memory. Thank you for being so incredible and strong; You Are Amazing.

Aubre' Murphy The WarPaint Project: Custom Artwork For Warriors of Life
Joseph Marlette Pour-House Art by JMStone
To Nominate or Donate please visit


Pancho Billa -Ezra Castro

Warrior of cancer and kind deeds


Aubre Michelle Murphy

To Ezra Castro's family
Nominated by Charles Pellien
Warrior of Cancer, Guardian Angel
Warrior of Kind Deeds to Buffalo, NY
"First, as Ezra'

To Ezra, From Aubre'
(My first Warriors Bio)

A good man is not of spine alone; he is of deep soul and genuine thought; of motive that's pure and intent that inspires, far more than breath and pulse. His pride is a badge and not a sword, his tongue spews wisdom not venom; his loyalty, like his laughter, loud and contagious. When eye to eye, a promise for brotherhood meets you if you will help his cause and a warning for war if you intend harm; behind his gaze, an invitation for either meets you long before words are ever spoken. This man will stand alone no matter the popularity of his values; he'd rather isolation than compromise what's good and right. This man, Ezra, Pancho Billa, a local icon, a SuperFan of the Buffalo Bills, dressed in attire that gave him notariety but he seized the opportunity to use it to become the Kindest Man in Buffalo, even while he waged a war with cancer. His gift to Buffalo creates an inspiration that we all need to take to heart, that a man in his final days is either one that takes or one that gives; he gave us all he had.

From the Warpaint Project and it's community, we hope this gift is a reminder that Buffalo sees the Man you are and will always remember you 'first as Ezra' then as Pancho Billa, both as Warrior of Kindess.

Latest Reveal

Albert Warrior of Colon Cancer

For Danny

warrior of childhood cancer


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