Warriors: Round One


Mandala Painting

18 months old diagnosed with Clear Cell Saracoma of the Kidney. Only 23 other children have it. They have removed her kidney, adrenal gland, lymph nodes, and a One Pound Tumor. After 26 weeks of aggressive chemo, there is No Evidence Of Disease. What an incredible little girl!! 


Penguins, Sloths & T-Rex

He has benign hydrocephalis with cysts on his brain.  He has abnormal arteries and pressure on his brain. Right before Christmas they were to undergo Brain Surgery but they decided to wait. God Bless and Protect this child and his brother! 

Cody - Soldier

Elephants For Autism

Age 13, Autism/ Asperger's Syndrome and brother of Kayden (warriors!) 

Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger's, is a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication

Kordel Age 9

Red Race Car

His name is Kordell he is 9. He has been in foster care more then half his life. He suffers from severe trauma. He has been neglected and abused by a system that was suppose to keep him safe.He was in and out of 5 foster homes as well as placed in a group home twice. He came to us in December of 2016 at just 7 years old having Been through more then any one person should have to go through . He is an amazing kid who wants nothing more then to please his parents and learning to love and trust again

I would like to empty my piggy bank, mom, and donate a painting to other kids' ”

— Maiya -02/26/2018

Maiya and Michael

Princess knight and knight

Maiya was a preemie, 33 weeks 2lbs 9oz. She had NEC (dying intestine) when she was a few days old and needed a few surgeries to correct it. She had a very hard time growing and gaining weight, so around a year we had genetic testing done. We found out then that she had a very rare genetic disorder, a mutation of something called the GNAS. Doctors haven't ever seen the mutation on the part of genetic code where hers is. She has hormonal resistance, growth issues, a form of dwarfism, and grows heterotopic bones/calcifications in her skin and soft muscle tissues. We aren't really sure what her outcomes will look like, as she's unique. She is followed by physicians at CHOP and UPenn. While we were in and out of the hospital with her we met her brother and just HAD TO Adopt him! 

He was born with a birth defect known as Gastrochisis. It's when the intestines are outside the body due to malformation of your abdominal wall. He spent 18 months at our local children's hospital before he came home to us. We adopted him when he was around two and a half. Hes had over a dozen surgeries to fix his intestines, and lost most of his small bowel. He's been hospitalized around 41 months since birth. Nothing has worked yet to increase their function and we are in the process of having him evaluated for an intestinal transplant at some point. We travel with him to Boston Children's.

He was always alone in a playpen by the nurses station so we kinda guessed he might be abandoned, in foster care but there wasn't a home medically certified to place him with. So we enrolled in our foster care certification class and somehow it got back to the powers that be that we were qualified to bring him home. About 5 weeks into our class we were granted emergency certification so we could bring him home. At some point, probably when the kids are older and more stable, we will reopen as a foster home for kids with medical needs. They're are only a few in our county. Sadly our son isn't unique in his care story in that regard


Elegant Flower

is battling Triple Negative Breast and lung cancer but walk by her, you wouldn't know it, unless her Pink hair gave it away. I love her spirit, dancing in the hospital, being silly and fun. She made the decision to post about her thoughts, diagnosis, treatments and give us a huge dose of reality but keep her positivity along the way. She's incredible, fighting and smiling all the while. She has an entire world of support. She wants a flower:simple elegance--got this!! So, this will be an expensive shipment to the west coast. I will need to raise money for that. Approx $160 for shipping. Please help me with this part!!!!!! Read more about her incredible story below. Donate if you're able to help! Thank you. Love and prayers for you Wendy!