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Day One; On A WarPath- Resources for Women with Breast Cancer  

WarPaint Project 2021- Warriors of Breast CancerWelcome to WarPaint Project 2021 - 

We want to thank everyone for the last two years, where we have accepted and painted for over 300 Warriors who are battling 39 different types of circumstances where they must find their inner-Warrior to survive. From Childhood Cancer, Women fighting Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence survivors to rare illnesses like Hunter's Syndrome, CDLS, or Stone Man Syndrome, The Warpaint Project, Inc has seen Warriors fight, Warriors beat their diagnosis, and we have seen the beauty in their bravery, strength, and nobility. 

We've also shared moments where we, as artists, and as a couple, have been so deeply affected that we were never the same. Twenty-one deaths in the WarPaint Project family have left us with questions on why these illnesses happen to such incredible people. In the wake of their deaths, we had to find ways to cope with their loss, we called their family, we sent cards, we donated, we closed our studio, and we painted additional gifts, but alone, we can do so little; we felt that because we are supporting everyone it was hard for everyone to understand and also join us. 


In the wake of Stephanie Sasser's passing. Joe and I felt especially moved. Her death was an awakening to what matters to us most; women fighting breast cancer is especially important to us because we know women well. We've seen most of our Warrior Women not asking for what they need, suffering silently, unsupported. We know we can do more, and so it is. We've made the decision to focus all our nonprofit power on women fighting breast cancer beginning right now. 

'Do Unto Her' our motto, asks you to treat our Warriors how you would like the women in your life to be treated, how you would like a woman in your life to be acknowledged, and how you would expect others to react, should she be given months, weeks, or days to live, we ask you help us give a gift that's suitable for the women in your life. What would you give? What would you want her to experience? What can we do to show her our respect, love, and support? Only you can answer this question, but we ask when you answer it, you do so through us. 

We offer a painting, and handmade gifts, we share their story and rally around them for life. We care about their children left behind should they pass. We also care about their marriage, with separation rates as high as 51% in women fighting cancer. We want to understand what the challenges are, ad conquer worry. We want our gifts to upgrade in value and luxury, giving them more gifts than they can open in a lifetime. We intend to contact their community and if no fundraiser exists, work with their family to begin one. We want to offer a 'marketplace' of free items we've found throughout the nonprofit world, giving women a one-stop-shop area to discover items they may have, at no cost. Finally, we want to create an emergency fund so that we can help in ways we haven't been able to before. 

In the next few days, we will outline 'On a WarPath' a plan for supporting women. We hope you'll donate, share, and continue to support our mission to redefine the ways women fighting cancer are regarded. Together, we can change the world, their world, and take more seriously the sacred space where women fighting cancer are many times left to die alone. We cannot let another day pass without sharing our new mission, we hope you'll join us, donating today. 

The cost of one painting, gifts, and shipping will be upgraded with a more luxurious design with designer gifts, packaging, and presentation. Each gift is budgeted at $1500 with a $500 emergency funding available for every Warrior. We also have five 'Art Sets' curated for women to explore. It's been proven that Art, as a tool for healing, relaxing, and soothing the soul is medically accepted. We would be lost without art and want to teach our Warriors of Breast Cancer how to use art as a means to express themselves, as a way to bond with their family. and as a way to tell their story. Our Art Sets have been created for sale and can be given to Warriors in your life. They include all supplies, and tutorials needed, to create art at a beginner's level, for the enjoyment and memory of making art, and not for the quality of the art. 

Our website will begin to feature resources for fundraising campaigns, offering women a wide variety of methods to raise money for their needs including merchandise, amazon lists, and even being able to crowdfund with their artwork. We will feature each Warrior on her own page, giving her the ability to create a page with us that she can be proud of. It's here, at WarPaint Project, Inc, we create a space for Warriors of Breast Cancer to enjoy life, as a Warrior. 

Donating has never been more important; from materials to gifts, to packaging, and shipping, your donations become a movement within the Breast Cancer world. We don't accept a salary, 100% of your donations will be spent on Warriors. You define how generous we can be and you are in control of how quickly we move. Donations of $2000 will be recognized as a 'Sponsorship' with full endorsement on our website. Here's the link, let's see what you think of our new direction! We cannot wait to show you how we implement acts from the heart. $20,000 Goal starts now. 

What do you want to give our Warriors? To discuss gifts being placed in every Warrior GiftSet, please contact JM@WARPAINTPROJECT.COM

Want to pay by check? Text CHECK to 716-333-0781 for instructions

Want to donate our February budget? Text 'SPONSOR' to 716-258-9781 for bank to bank wire information 

Ideas for gifts, resources, and ways to assist women fighting cancer? Email me!

With all we are, with all we do, we give this gift together, we give this gift in her honor; Do Unto Her just became a battle song. 


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":Art Is Love'