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Samantha Jennings‎ to Ellen DeGeneres

December 30, 2019 at 8:52 PM

Ellen, will you please help me stand up and be the voice for children? Will you help me bring awareness to a disease that steals the lives of thousands of children? Every 2 minutes, a child will be diagnosed with cancer. 1 out of 5 children will not survive. Over 90,000 children pass away each single year. This is more seats than the largest NFL stadium in the United States.

Unfortunately, my daughter was one of these children.

My beautiful daughter, Ariya, was born on May 18th, 2017 and immediately made the world a brighter place. On December 29th, 2017 at only 7 months old, Ariya was diagnosed with infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Our world was turned completed upside down. Ariya quickly went into remission and did well with her treatment. Our nightmare became worse on January 15th, 2019 when we learned that Ariya’s leukemia had returned and this time it was stronger than ever. As parents we knew we would go to the end of the world for her and that’s exactly what we did every time we got the news “nothing is working.”

Ariya was treated at Golisano’s Children’s Hospital in Ft. Myers, FL, John Hopkins All Childrens Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL, Dallas Children’s Hospital in Dallas, TX and finally at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. On August 2nd, 2019 after battling cancer for 20 months out of her 27 months of life, Ariya gained her wings and went to be with Jesus.

Ariya was a silly and sassy little girl yet was very tender hearted and sweet. She loved watching The Little Mermaid, playing with bubbles and putting her stickers on ever surface she could find. She is terribly missed every single day. When Ariya was named, we didn’t know her name had such a powerful meaning... “God’s Lion”

Our mission is to have Ariya’s memory live on as well as bring awareness to such an awful disease that takes the life of so many little ones. I will continue to fight for her every single day until it’s my last day ?

Please help me!!! Because our children are worth more than 4%!!!

#AriyaGodsLion ???

Thank you for your time.

 2019 I will celebrate, tell the stories of, and paint for over 100 Warriors of Cancer, Autism, and Life. I am so honored to announce there are only 10 spots left for Nominations! I've gone beyond the Warrior 100 and now it's looking like I will have celebrated more than 130 by the end of the year; it's unbelievable.

Since February we've lost a few Warriors, Rick Fenley and Marnie Mahowish from Cancer. Not a day goes by that I don't think of them and not one painting is completed without remembering their fight. Their names will join all the others, on the back of every painting I ever complete, in tribute. Added to our Fallen Warriors, Pancho Billa (Ezra Castro), Grace, and Bentley. You will forever be our Guardian Warriors. 

I will be updating the site to show each Warrior, Bio, and Painting. Thanks for your patience and unwavering love and support! For now, challenge yourself to remember the Bios, the paintings, and the painting reveals for all Warriors. 

Follow our stories and painting reveals: 

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 Warrior List - 

1. Baby Cali Lotus Mandala - Warrior of Childhood Cancer 
2. Raven- Owl and Raven Feathers - Warrior of Childhood Cancer  
3. Melly- Elephant for her Father - Warrior of Bladder Cancer  
4. Kay'd T-Rex - Warrior of Brain Surgery 
5. Cody- Metallic Elephant - Warrior of Autism  
6. Lexi- Unicorn with Glowing Lotus - Warrior of Epilepsy 
7. Caitlyn- Pirate Ship - Memorial Painting for Grandma- Warrior of Cancer 
8. Mary- Lone Cypress Ocean Sunset - Warrior of Life  
9. Wendy- Rose Wall - Warrior of Triple Negative Breast Cancer  
10. Greg- Champagne Bottles  (Fundraising for Warriors Benefit)  
11. Heather- Mason Jar (Warrior of Tragic Car Accident)  
12. Rick- Wizard- Warrior of Cancer- Fallen Warrior  
13. Rick- Benefit- 100 Classic Rock Bands 
14. Maiya- The Dragon and the Unicorn (Warrior of Dwarfism)  
15. Michael- Brave Knight defeating Maiya's Dragon  
16. Olivia- Anaconda and Purple Lotus- Warrior of Autism  
17. Colleen- Yellow Roses for Fitzgerald Father - Fallen Warrior of Cancer  
18. Kordell- Red Race Car - Warrior of Adoption  
19. Kordell- Graffitti Name - Warrior of Kindness 
20. Joanne May- Blue Rare Butterfly- Warrior of Children 
21. Nicholas and Family - Deer Antlers and Cardinal-  Doctor & Warrior of Women's Health  
22. Tanya - Elephant Tree - Warrior of Kindness 
23. Taneeka and Brittany- Penguins- Warriors of Kindness\ 
24. Mary- 5 Family Trees, Dolphin painting, and a Feather Painting- 7 paintings for Warrior of Warpaint Creation 
25. Kylein- Snow Owl- Warrior of Teen Depression - Pregnant Aunt passed in a House Fire  
26. Arther- Skull and Hummingbird- Warrior of Depression  
27. Brandy- Roses, Dragonfly, Butterfly- Warrior of Depression  
28. Ed Tech Benefit- Wine Bottle Painting -Warrior of Educating Youth  
29. Vicky- Tiger - Warrior of Domestic Violence and Attempted Murder by her Parent and Spouse  
30. Vincent- Eagle One- Warrior of Throat Cancer  
31. Amanda- Brain/Elephant Scan Lotus Abstract- Warrior of Brain Anurism  
32. Amanda H- Alice in Wonderland Madd Hatter - Warrior of Traumatic Brain Injury  
33. Brian Best- Buddy Holly Portrait- Warrior of Colon Cancer  
34. Adam Kottz- Referee of Every Sport - Warrior of MR and Premature Birth at 13 weeks  
35. Reverend Cassandra- Wolf and 7 Butterflies- Warrior of Cancer and Lupus  
36. Aubrey- Mermaid and Sea Creatures- Warrior of CDLS  
37. Anastasia- Zoo Painting- Warrior of Childhood Cancer  
38. Shane- Sloth, Goose, Turtle, Train - Warrior of Autism  
39. Officer Reanna- Sunflower One- Warrior of Lupus & Community Heroism  
40. Caroline- Sunflower Two- Warrior of Kind Deeds (hugs)  
41. Tara H- The Pig for FARA- Warrior of FARA  
42. Robyn's Mother- Hummingbird and Butterfly- Warrior of Pancreatic Cancer  
43. Marnie Mahowish- Her Horse Portrait- Fallen Hero- Warrior of Breast Cancer ( i think of you every day)  
44. Holden- Superhero Helmets - Warrior of Down's Syndrome  
45. KIm- 2 Elephants Embracing- Widow of Husband, Warrior of Lung Cancer  
46. "Anonymous" - Flower whose shadow is a Cross - Warrior of Breast Cancer  
47. Julia Rae- Ballet shoes, Dandelion, Feather- Warrior of Childhood Cancer (eyes)  
48. Sophie- Unicorn and Dandelion Field- Warrior of Childhood Cancer 
49. David- Eagle and Service Medals Warrior 23 yrs in Air Force- Cancer Survivor  
50. Alicia- A light unto My Path- Trees - Warrior of Breast Cancer  
51. Laurie - Beach, Sax, A Bushel and a Peck- Warrior of Breast and Liver Cancer  
52. Dana- Rainbow Trout- Sister to Fallen Warrior of the Military and Explosives Expert 
53. Chris- Adirondak Cats Quilt Painting- Warrior of Breast Cancer  
54. Joe- Oil Portrait Painting - 'Anonymous' Warrior of Breast Cancer - Fallen Hero  
55. Jeannie- Beach and Boat for Dalton- her grandson Warrior of Breast Cancer  
56. Mackenzie- Portrait of Jack (Service Dog)- Warrior of Women's Support and Warrior of Cancer  
57. Arti - 11 year old son of Fallen Warrior of Cancer- Painting Not Yet decided  
58. 'Anonymous' - Fox Painting- Warrior of Life  
59. Tim Shewmake- Guitar painting- Warrior of Healing Music- Wrote "Warriors" a song inspired by this project!  
60. Natasha- Love & Koi- Warrior of Kind Deeds  
61. Bentley- His own Superhero Logo- Warrior of Childhood Cancer  
62. Bentley's Mother- Giraffe painting- Warrior of Childhood Cancer Advocacy 
63. Lisa- Waterfall, Wine, Carousel, Sunflower - Warrior of Breast Cancer  
64. Patricia- Sunflower and Waterfall- Warrior of Breast Cancer  
65. Mekaila- Phoenix - Warrior of Autism  
66. Sara- Boxer. Hibiscus and Baseball, Warrior of Willie-Prader  
67. Jody- Jukebox of Man and Orb Painting- Warrior of Kind Deeds to the WarPaint Project  
68. Carmen- Erin- Black Cat- Warrior of Aspbergers 
69. 'Anonymous' Octopus Warrior of Life  
70. Chuck- Animal Painting - Warrior of Cancer  
71. Pam- Black Bear- Warrior of Life  
72. 'Anonymous' - Wonder Woman with Daughter- Warrior of Child with Disability 
73. Karen- Coffee TIme- Warrior of Cancer  
74. Brandy- Haley's Comet, Jeep - Fallen Warrior of Cancer  
75. Ronald- English Bulldog Portrait- Warrior of Kind Deeds (Coffee for 400)  
76. 'Anonymous 1/3- Minnie - Warrior of Life  
77. 'Anonymous' 2/3- Tiger - Warrior of Life  
78. 'Anonymous' 3/3 Pantera Pokemon- Warrior of Multiple Sclerosis  
79. Brandon - DisneyLand/Graduates - Warrior of Life Tribute to Parents  
80. 'Anonymous' - Eagle- Benefit - Widow to Fallen Warrior of Cancer  
81. 'Anonymous' Elephant with child- Warrior of Lost Twins to Miscarriage  
82. 'Anonymous' Buffalo Bills Painting- Warrior of Cancer- Survivor NED  
83. 'Anonymous' Butterfly and Cherry Blossom Tree- Warrior of Survival  
84. Jenn F- Unicorn and Disney's Frozen- Warrior of F.O.P. Stone Man Syndrome  
85. Heather- 'Undecided' Warrior of Women's Empowerment  
86. 'Anonymous' Pet Portrait - Warrior of Kind Deeds Surprise (From one Warrior to Another)  
87. Shane- 'Lion painting' - Warrior of Childhood Kidney Transplant  
88. Dominik- Trains- Warrior of Autism  
89. Melissa- (Undecided)  - Warrior of TN Breast Cancer  
90. Debra (Undecided) - Warrior of TN Cancer  
91. Patricia- (Maxx) Warrior of TN Cancer  
92. Serena (undecided) Warrior of TN Breast Cancer  
93. Marissa- (Surprise painting) Warrior of Cancer  
94. Benefit - Eagle/Harley Davidson- Warriors for Cancer  
95. Smiles for Baby Charley- Undecided - Warrior of Childhood Cancer  
96. Haley/Lucas- The Acorn Tree - Warrior of Down's Syndrome  
97. Mickie- Undecided- Warrior of Bullying  
98.  LeighAnne- Mermaid Tail- Best Friend's Tribute- Warrior of Cancer  
99.  'Anonymous' (Haley Nomination) - Pending Accept  
100. Charles Pellien- Buffalo Fan Thunder Non-Profit- Warrior of Kind Deeds 
101. Pancho Billa (Ezra Castro) - Nominated By Charles- Fallen Warrior of Cancer and Kindness- Bills Painting 
102. Grace- Fallen Warrior of Cancer- Mom will accept painting- Paint of Cats/Kittens 
103. Ayla- elephant family  Warrior Infant on Dialysis
104. Clarence- Wife- Breast Cancer- He's thinking about what the painting will be!  
105. Derrick Father - Warrior of Cancer- Paiting Pending request  
106. Heather- Blue Sloth - Jerzi-  
107. Heather Wyatt marvel captain america iron man  
108. Heather- kailey panda lady bug 
109. Katie - Danny- Cow's Head  
110. Jenna - Phoenix, Owl, Fox- Survivor Cancer  
111. Ara- Cheerleading  
112. Amara- Snowflake Warrior of MG 
113. Amara- Paris Warrior Mom
114. Larry -Sister- Warrior of Cancer   
115. Wendy Cat Portrait for Sister- Warrior of Cancer 
116. Monica- Warrior Survivor of Cancer- Horse and Phoenix  
117.  Wendy- Warrior of Cancer- 2 Grandsons 
118. Heather-Hunter- Arrow -Warrior of TBI  
119. Noella- Granmda- Warrior of Cancer- Dream Catcher  
120. Nicole- Aunt- Mosaic Horse Stained Glass  
121. Mom-Daughter- Boxer Painting- Warrior of GI 
122. Anonymous- Warrior of Childhood Cancer-Phoenix  
123. Marc- Aunt- Warrior of Cancer- Elephant Dandelion  
124. Kevin- Brian- Chess Piece- Survivor Warrior of Cancer  
125. Wendy- Warrior of Kind Deeds- Surprise Painting  
126. Mom- Mikeala- Warrior of Childhood Cancer Painting Undecided 
127. Lindsay- Warrior Survivor Cancer 2x- Beach Painting

To nominate your Warrior- please 'click' the Nomination Form and send me your request, - Aubre'