ArtSet Secret Santa Begins

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We begin the sale of ArtSet Secret Santa; an opportunity to teach children the value in donating to charity giving the experience of giving an ArtSet to a child fighting Cancer. The best part is, both our Warrior and your child will receive an ArtSet Deluxe AND a postcard of each other's names will be included inside each other's ArtSet when it's opened. The two can create a Watercolor Postcard and send it to each other; a happy gift for everyone, valuable in life, forevermore. Then, your child can join us on our WarPaint Project #ArtClass every month, where we will teach our Warriors how to use their ArtSet to create beautiful art.

Our Deluxe ARtSet contains over 120pieces, the largest on the market, with 7 different ways to create drawings and watercolor art. Pencils and Tools come in a nylon, zipper-case and contain all the supplied they will need to begin their art career. We would be lost without art, we wouldn't have known this project- Thank you for helping us with the more than 78 ArtSets we hope to donate by December 16th.