Painting Reveal- Austin, Warrior of his Sister's Cancer-

Austin and Savanah were best friends, brother and sister, and inseparable; then she was diagnosed with Childhood Cancer and fought as hard as she could. When she passed away Austin was devastated as any 5 year old would be. He is now home-schooled and described as 'lost and angry'; I feel for him! Not only did he lose his sister but they enjoyed daily life together, so he also lost his friend. ]]

What I've learned in this project is everyone in a family with a Warrior, becomes a Warrior. Parents and especially siblings. Our hopes are Austin being recognized as a Warrior, with all the gifts a Warrior receives. lets him kow he is NOT alone and he is just as brave with his own fight to win. 

Mom, Shannon  and I, will be friends for life. She is often found encouraging other moms and speaking out against the funding problems that exist in Childhood Cancer research. I am so proud to know you both and will be here for you forever. 

Thank you for including Austin into the Warpaint Project, we are able to address a very serious unknown about Cancer and it's devastating after-math. We hope your painting 'Brother Sister; Always with you' brings a huge hug and happy memories to your family every time you pass it by. 

All our love and all the best, talk to you later! 

Aubre' And Joe 


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