Our Mission; To Convince Warriors they are Warriors

I am working on a new website and going back to my roots as the EVP, Director of Operations, and Vice President for more than 23 years in the debt-collections world. I remember the days of structuring 200+ employee offices, creating control over ambitious owners, and creating rules that became the beginning stages of profitable, thriving offices. The new website is amazing with "Warrior Profiles" that allow you to click on a Warrior and read their entire story, see all the posts, and see their artwork come to life. I will let you know when it's done but there are over 1000 images and 214 Warriors to upload; it'll be a few days. 

The Mission: To convince Warriors they are Warriors; they don't know they have powerful influence in their story. Whether it's a child with cancer, or a mom with a traumatic brain injury, their day-to-day challenges and decisions are powered through like champions. The respect for life I didn't have before this project drives me to give these stories to you, life is precious and it can change in the drop of a dime; I am forever influenced by their strength. 

Here's a MISSION for you; Have a conversation with yourself tonight, one that says, "Hi, How are you? How are you with this mess of a world? Are you taking enough time for yourself lately? and then ask a big question.."What's your mission?" 

A personal mission can be to learn yoga, to start a blog, or podcast, or to organize your garage. 

A spiritual mission can be to learn techniques to forgive the past, conquer fears, or to be happier with your body

A mental mission can be to stop thinking negatively, stop worrying, or to stop dwelling in the past 

Jaclyn Johnston and I are starting a collaboration about 'The Keys to Being Free" (Free, as in without fear) reply to this email with 'count me in' and we will send you this 5-day workshop with training! It'll be life-changing, it'll be fun, and it'll be good for you. I know, I caught myself in a depression over this virus, worrying about the silliest things and then I remembered how I can use my time worrying to instead create art, to write, and to heal others. 

Give it a chance, you never know what good will come out of it. Besides, what else do you have to do better than creating a better self-happiness? 

Cannot wait to see who wants to be a part of our min i-workshop! 




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